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Dec 2017

Plastics found using imaging techniques

This is serious post about a problem that will affect us all; there is an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic dumped into the world’s oceans every year. Perhaps surprisingly most of that plastic does not come from shipping, but from land sources. New international regulations are proposed to curtail this blight, however legislation without enforcement it is little more than urination into the breeze.

Just as ‘trail cams’, and related sensors, have helped to turn the tide against wildlife poaching, so now is the time to think how we can trap the plastic litterlouts.

The image shows how multi-spectral imagery can detect man-made materials in the environment. Suitably equipped 'Creek cams', or drones, can monitor waterways to detect plastic litter before it reaches the ocean. Once detected it can be collected before weathering breaks it down into the deadly micro plastics that are poisoning the oceans’ food chain.  

Philip Tudor